Felicia with flowers
Felicia, our 10-year old daughter, begins to prepare her own ham and cheese sandwich to eat for dinner. She sees the paper bag full of bread from the bakery down the road. “Oh, I hope it’s still fresh,” she sighs. “Felish, we got it on the way home this afternoon,” I respond. She sighs again and replies, “Well, yeah… but that was 3 hours ago!”

10 minutes later, I’m still laughing about it. Growing up, my idea of “fresh bread” was the bagged, sliced, sandwich bread that didn’t have mold on it yet! Obviously, my children are going to learn differently about some things as they grow up here in Chile.

This illustration is also a good reminder of why Jesus taught us to pray, “…and give us this day our DAILY BREAD…” (Matthew 6:11, NIV). Now that we live in Chile, and fresh bread is readily available and economical, we purchase a fresh portion every day. Day-old bread is chewy and stale. When teaching the Lord’s prayer, Jesus knew that we needed new, fresh bread every day. What He spoke to us yesterday was fresh for yesterday. The words He speaks to us today is our needed daily portion for today.

Be sure to take time to eat your daily portion of God’s bread!

Your turn to share: What type of bread do you usually have in your household?