We wait in the heated van.
Max continues to talk with Eduardo.
These are the coldest days and nights in the month of June here in Chile for over 20 years.
He walks across the street.
Comes to my door.
I open it – greet him, Chilean-style, and then give him a hug.
“Hola, Tia”, he says. (Hello, Mrs.)
We continue to wait.
The cold air is rushing into the heated van.
I’m holding Jacob (our 4 yr. old son) on my lap.
The other chldren are in the back.
I wave and then I close the door.
I feel the heat once again.
We continue to wait.
The children chat with him through the window.
They wave, they make faces, they smile at each other, they blow on the window.
They are in the warm van.
He is outside in the cold.
What was I doing?
Why did I not think to ask him in?
Why did I not offer to have him come in and sit with us while we waited?
How could I be so thoughtless? So ignorant? So clueless? So mean?
I never offered. Forgive me, Lord.
I’m sorry, Gonzalo. I hope you forgive me.
I hope you know the love of Jesus.
I pray we do a better job of showing you that love the next time.
Lord, please let there be a next time.

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