For some reason, thoughts of my mom rushed through my head this morning. (She died in 1997 after struggling with cancer for 6 1/2 years.) The lyrics to Carolyn Arends’ song, “Love You Out Loud”, helped to trigger those thoughts:

If I had only known that you were leaving here so soon
I would not have been so flippant when I offered you the moon
I’d have pulled my chair up closer to the railing of your bed
And chosen much more carefully the words I said

I would ask you for your stories
And I would tell you mine
I would give you much more credit
I would take more of your time
There’s so much I left unspoken
If you were here right now
I would love you out loud

If I had said the words “I love you” every time they crossed my mind
Then you would have heard me tell you at least a thousand times
I know you knew it anyway, I guess you understood
But I would like to go back if I only could

I would touch you much more often
I would laugh at all your jokes
I would worry through your worries
I would dream through all your hopes
I would pray with you to heaven
Are you watching from there now?
Do you know what I would give for the chance somehow?

No, my mom wasn’t perfect. She knew that. We knew that. But I do miss her, especially today. I love you, Mom!

Your turn to share: What is your relationship like with your mom?