August 2007

act normalOne night we invited our next-door neighbors to come over for dinner. We warned them ahead of time that it was going to be very “gringo” (North American-style). We started out by serving fresh-cut vegetables with onion dip as well as a bowl of chips and nachos. Next, we brought out the homemade pizzas that had just finished baking in the oven, microwave popcorn, and Coca-Cola. And then, to complete the meal, we brought out freshly-baked, homemade chocolate chip cookies.

My neighbor just looked at me and said, “This is so great, Kristin. You really made everything? Even the cookies? We usually don’t do that here. Everything is so good!” (more…)


SunEarth2I see it from here
You see it from there
It shines on you even as it shines on me
Same one for you as it is for me
We cannot be separated from it

It rises, it sets
Constant, never changing
Always there
We can count on it,
bask in it,
rest in it
Be guided by it

Sees everything and everyone–
all at the same time
Bigger and stronger than we can comprehend
More powerful than we can imagine

Yet, it is only a creation
Imagine its Creator…

It is always hard to say goodbye to friends that are moving away. There’s that sinking feeling in your stomach, that knot that tells you that change is occurring; things won’t be the same. Well, for the last month or so, I’ve had that knot inside of me. (more…)

Women Drinking Coffee2

Hebrews 11:24,25 (NIV) And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another…

Some accountability questions for you (and me!):

  • How are you doing with your exercise program? Are you in a routine? Did you exercise at least 3 times this past week? (Back to the Big ‘E’)
  • Have you been able to have your devotions on a daily basis? And maybe even a few times of silence as well? (Silence)
  • When the school year begins, it often feels like the beginning of a new year. Have you taken the time to think about and write down a personal schedule and routine for yourself?
  • Have you told your family members lately how much they mean to you?
  • We can also praise the Lord together for answering our prayers (Prayer):

  • Sherrie Staines’ children traveled safely
  • Wendy’s nephew, Trevor, was able to have surgery last week (and we are continuing to pray for guidance, strength, hope, and peace for the family)
  • Debbie left for vacation with her children and their families (we will continue to pray for safety as well as an enriching time together)
  • Lynda Dusen’s plant manager, Jerry, was able to return to work
  • Sherrie Staines’ student, Allen, had surgery and it went well (we will continue to pray for him as he recovers)
  • the health of our family members
  • Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    I am so proud to be Max’s wife. He’s such a good man and godly leader for our family. With God’s help, he provides for us, gives us spiritual guidance, prays continually, studies God’s word, leads by example, listens, helps out around the house, spends time with the children, and even continues to take me out on dates (even if it has to be at the gas station café while waiting for our two older boys to finish soccer practice!).

    MaxpreachingOf course, there is that general pride I have of being his wife. But then other times, there comes a greater pride – a “that’s MY MAN!” kind of pride. Those times usually occur when he is in his element – he’s doing the thing that God has truly called him to do. For Max, that’s preaching.

    Every time he preaches, I am mesmerized by how the Lord uses him in that way. God has given him such a gift with words and public speaking. During our years in the pastorate, I always felt the proudest of him when he was in front of the congregation doing what God called him to do.

    But then came January 6, 2006 – the day I was forced into withdrawal. (more…)

    Jacob & BuddyOur dog, Buddy, loves to play. He waits for me and comes to me as soon as I open the door. Anticipation fills his eyes; his tail wags happily. He has no thought of yesterday – the fact that I forgot to feed him his dinner. It’s a new day. His faithfulness to me is still there, still as strong despite my mistreatment.

    Kids want to play. They want to be hugged, loved, and cared for. They wait for me to stop for 5 minutes just to play a quick game. They run downstairs and beg me to see something ‘cool’ upstairs on the computer screen – they want me to experience it with them. (more…)

    Silence signHow often are we silent? Completely silent? No conversation. No reading. No brainstorming. No writing. No making of mental lists. No moving. No music. No sound.

    This past year, one of my mentors suggested to me to just be silent before the Lord each day, even if it’s only 5 minutes to start with. To be completely honest, I can’t say I’ve followed that counsel every day, but on the days I do, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. What a peace that passes over me. What a reminder that He is right here with me – my best friend, my confidant, my life partner.

    I find, many times, that even within a 5-minute span, my mind can easily start to wander. The children get loud, the daily list of things to do begins to develop in my mind, etc. It helps me, before I being my time of silence, to think of one characteristic of God (for example, ‘love’). When my mind begins to drift, I immediately refocus onto the word ‘love’. I whisper ‘love’ to myself or I say ‘love’ over and over in my mind until, once again, I am back in a state of silence, a state of listening for His still, small voice. (more…)

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