It was a beautiful, snowy, Sunday afternoon as Max and I walked across campus to the Cultural Life Center at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY. We were headed to listen to one of my favorite concerts – Handel’s Messiah.

We found two seats in the back row of the balcony next to our friends, Scott and Julia, and their four children. The lights dimmed. I took a long, slow, deep breath and prepared myself for the marvelous music to come.

I knew many of the songs by heart, so I closed my eyes, soaked in every note and lyric, and mentally sang along. I felt the joy of experiencing a live music concert.

MessiahWithin the first few songs, I found myself caught in the midst of the majesty and mystery of both the music and our God. Tears began to flow down my cheeks, a passion to join in overwhelmed me, and I allowed myself to let go. I began to truly feel the music. I started to sing in the loudest whisper I could muster as well as conduct with my hands and arms flowing through the air.

The Lord knew I needed to sit in the last row of the auditorium that day. I’m sure my dear friends and their children thought I was going crazy. My poor husband, who was gently trying to keep my conducting hands a bit lower, finally gave up, realizing that I was experiencing a deep, spiritual moment.

In that instant, a dam broke inside of me which allowed so many thoughts and emotions to freely flow:

This will probably be the last time I hear this concert for three years (We were headed to Chile the following month.) This is another familiar part of me that I know I need to let go. Oh, but it feels so good, so safe to be in this familiar setting, to hear these familiar sounds, and to see these familiar faces. God, I know you’re asking me to step into the unknown. God, please help me. Help me, oh God, to just let go and soak in each new thing as it comes. Help me to let go of the need to always know. Guide me, oh God.

God gave me peace that day.

Psalms 108:1-5 (NIV) My heart is steadfast, O God; I will sing and make music with all my soul.

Your turn to share: In what way has the Lord asked you to step out of your comfort zone?