I can’t even imagine. Sometimes we feel tremors – slight earthquakes- here in Santiago, averaging about 10-30 seconds (they say there is a tremor every day somewhere in Chile), but I can’t imagine feeling what they felt. Two full minutes. 11 aftershocks the following day. Hundreds of people dead, over a thousand wounded. People crying, screaming – running into the middle of the streets so that old buildings didn’t collapse upon them.

Living here, I do think about that sometimes. They say that Chile is known for having a large earthquake every 20 years or so. With that scale of measurement, Chile is due to have one anytime. The last one was in 1985. In 1960, they had the worst earthquake recorded in world history.

It’s more real to me now. I am praying for the people there. I appreciated what one of my friends wrote in an email today:

As we’re praying for those affected by the earthquake near Lima,…we are [also] praying Jesus will give the church much opportunity to be the church during these days to suffering families and the community.

Map of Peru

May we, as the part of the church that is outside of Peru, be actively participating in the aid through prayer. Pray that fellow Christians, both missionaries and our peruvian brothers and sisters, will be able to reach out and come along side those that are in need. May they be His comfort and His light to the darkness there.

As you view these pictures, please take a moment to pray: Earthquake in Peru

(The earthquake hit just off the coast of the city of Ica.)

2 Thessalonians 3:1 (NIV) Finally, [sisters], pray for us that the message of the Lord may spread rapidly and be honored…