We were so excited as a family to see the sign for Dunkin’ Donuts™ as we were traveling downtown one day. Wow, a little taste of ‘home’! “Let’s go in and get a dozen to take home and enjoy!”

As we walked into the store, we all just stopped and savored the aroma we were smelling. “Oh, that smells sooooo good!” There were not quite as many flavor options as there are in the States, but that was just fine with us. All six sets of eyes began scanning the bins behind the counter.
“What kinds do they have?”
“Which one should I choose?”
“Do we have to wait until we get home to try one?”
“Daddy, Daddy, can I pick out two?”
“Mommy, can I get that kind? The one with the chocolate frosting and colored sprinkles on top?”

donutsI began to smile as I thought, “It’s amazing what you take for granted until you don’t have it for awhile!” In the town we lived in before moving to Chile, there was a Dunkin’ Donuts™ right on the main street. Much too frequently, we would stop by and quickly grab a 1/2 dozen donuts or so, not thinking twice about it. However, after almost a year without that taste in our mouths, the tastebuds were beginning to salivate.

Well, once the hard choices were made, we headed over to the register to pay for the donuts. Being so excited about getting them, neither Max nor I even bothered to look up and check the prices. The worker punched in the numbers and then politely said, “$5.500, por favor” ($11.00, please). “What??? Are you kidding me??” No, she was not kidding. [Once again, we experienced another “Welcome to living in a large, world city!” moment. One of the lessons we have been learning here in Santiago is that you will probably be able to find the international product you are wanting, but you are definitely going to pay for it.]

Needless to say, we have only visited Dunkin’ Donuts™ as a family once more since that initial shock (and in that visit, we only bought one donut per person at $1/donut – ugh!). However, yesterday, we all worked together to make some homemade donuts, and I have to say they were pretty darn good! (Here is the recipe if you are interested: Donut Recipe) It was a great bonding moment for the family, I have to tell you. It felt so good to bite into one of them and know it was a family creation…and a whole lot cheaper than getting them at Dunkin’ Donuts™!

Ecclesiastes 9:7a (NIV) Go, eat your food with gladness…

Your turn to share: Is there a food from your childhood you haven’t had for awhile that you would love to enjoy again?