Okay, all you moms out there, what did you feel as you read this title? Did your ‘mama protective claws’ come out?

This was one of my reasons for requesting your prayers last week. Addison was getting picked on by some of the neighborhood boys. My first reaction was to get upset and want to go have a ‘chat’ with those boys. Then, after sleeping on it, Max and I realized we just needed to take the time to talk to Addison about it and let him know that we are proud of him and are praying for him.

We think the reasons for the name calling included both cultural and personality issues. Addison is a good-looking, blond-haired, blue-eyed ‘gringo’ who all the girls seem to like. That means he is a threat to the good-looking chilean boys that live in the neighborhood. Also, Addison is not used to having to stick up for himself. Being the first-born, he hasn’t had to do that (unlike Isaac and Jacob, whom we have no doubt will be just fine with sticking up for themselves!).

During this situation, I was reminded of the song that Max and I sang to Addison at his baptism:

Come to the Cradle

ALBUM: Come to the Cradle
ARTIST: Michael Card
SONG: Nathan’s Song

Welcome now, little stranger
To a world filled with wonder
Filled full of the fragrance
of life’s sweet bouquet
But, dear one, take warning
That birth’s like a morning
To a lifetime that flies past
like one single day

Soak up like a sponge all that’s joyful and best
And squeeze yourself out upon those who are blessed
A God-given gift has been wrapped up in you
You show more of Him than I’ll ever teach you

There are no words to thank you
for a heart that can see
and gaze in the face of this small mystery
You knit him together in a most secret place
A most certain sign of your wonderful grace

Welcome now, little stranger
to a world filled with wonder
to a world torn asunder
to a world that’s in pain
My son, life’s a battle
So you be a rebel
Stand ready to fight
and never stop loving the Light

We are praying that Addison does not allow others to determine how he should feel about life or himself. We pray that he is a rebel and it ready to fight – not necessarily for his own personal cause, but that of the Light that is shining through him. We also pray that he continues to “soak up all that’s joyful and best, and squeeze himself out upon those who are blessed”.

1 Corinthians 4:12 (NIV) We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it.

Your turn to share: Do you remember a time when you or your child were picked on and how God helped you/your child to endure it?