Jacob:  “We’re in the United States now?  Which one of those houses out there is Grandma and Grandpa’s?”  (As soon as our plane landed in Atlanta, GA from Santiago, Chile)

Isaac: “Dad!!!  Why does it keep flushing on me?” (referring to the automatic toilet)

Felicia: “I think I’m confused.  In Chile, you have to do everything but here it does it all for you.”  (Commenting about the automatic toilet flushing, sink faucets, soap and paper towel dispensers in the airport bathrooms) 

Max (to another lady behind us): “¿Quiere entrar?” (“Do you want to come in?”)  (As we were piling into the Atlanta airport elevator)

All the kids started laughing at daddy and wondering why he was talking to the lady in Spanish.

Jacob: “Wow, that’s magic.”  (After entering the elevator in one door and then having the opposite door open for us to exit)

Me: “Oh, these even have chocolate chips in them!” (commenting on the brownies prepared by Angela, my sister-in-law)

At the breakfast table: 

Isaac:  “This is a beautiful spoon, Grandma.  It has nice flowers on it.”

Jacob: “This tastes different!” (referring to the milk)

Addison: “We haven’t had Cap’t. Crunch in so long!” 


Okay, I guess it seems that after two years out of the country, we are all a little bit like kids in a candy store.

Thanks for bearing with us and praying for us as we go through all the cultural transitions that we will be dealing with in these next days, weeks, and months!