CCcookiesFor the past two years, we have not had the opportunity to bite into a soft, delicious, homemade chocolate chip cookie made using the recipe that has been passed down in my family – at least they never tasted the way they used to.  Sure, we attempted many times, and, thinking that it was because of the shortening, we even had friends send down some Crisco or pack some in their luggage when they came to visit… but to no avail.  The cookies just did not come out the same as when we made them here.

Well, today was the day we have all been waiting for!  Felicia, Jacob, and I mixed a batch of cookie dough, placed spoon-sized portions on our cookie sheets, and then popped them in the oven.  After waiting for them to cool down, Felicia took a bite and said, “Wow, Mom!  These are really good!  I don’t even think I need a glass of milk with these!!”  Then, 45 minutes later, my hubby stopped in, saw the container full of cookies, grabbed one, took a bite, and said, “Ahhh…they’re back!!”

Oh, the simple things…

Happy baking!! 

(And just in case you wanted to know… we figured out it must have been the Chilean sugar – it is much more coarse than the sugar here in the States.) 

Exekiel 3:3b (NIV)  …So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth.

 Your turn to share:  What is your favorite type of homemade cookie?