(WARNING: Proud Mother Moment)

They came home from another soccer practice and, after taking off coats and washing hands, we headed right to the table to eat dinner.  We bowed our heads for prayer, and Max blessed the food, thanked the Lord for all He has given, and then ended his prayer, saying, “…and we thank you that Addison is now a Jr. Rhino!  Amen.”  We all opened our eyes, started clapping, and enjoyed his accomplishment together as a family.


[Isaac, our 7-year old, was able to immediately join his Jr. Rhino soccer team because anyone under the age of 10 (U10) has the opportunity to be a part of the Jr. Rhino academy.  After registration, all are welcome to come and participate.]

After the age of ten, however, there are individual try-outs for each age group (U11, U12, etc.)  The normal try-out period is in the summer, but Max had called and talked to the club manager who stated that there was an opening or two for the U12 team.  (They must have lost one or two players.) So, after five team practice sessions (with the coaches watching on), the head coach spoke with Max and stated that he wanted to put Addison on their roster.

This is one of the top U12 premier soccer teams in Upstate New York. These players come from all over the greater Rochester area. What a privilege it is for Addison to be on this team!

He has practice sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, games every Wednesday, and practice on Fridays (once a month).  This may seem like a lot of time for some, but Addison’s response to it was, “I finally get to play almost as much as I did with my friends in Chile!”

So, I have added a new hat to my wardrobe – just call me, “soccer mom”.

 I Corinthians 10:31b (NIV) …whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

 Your turn to share:  If you are a mom, what sport(s) is your child(ren) involved in?