Matthew 27:18 (NIV)  For he knew it was out of envy that they had handed Jesus over to him. 

In a passage from Matthew 27 (verses 11-26), the Pharisees were showing their envy of Jesus with regard to his popularity as well as having the listening ears of the people.

I am asking myself this today:

“Am I ever, like the Pharisees, envious of others in the church for their ‘success’ in using the gifts God has given to him/her?”

If so, I want to repent and ask God for a clean and encouraging heart.  I want to be grateful for each of God’s servants and not fall to Satan’s temptations as he attempts to plant envious thoughts in my mind.  His greatest objective is to divide the Church.

May we, as His united body, encourage and lovingly uplift one another as we work together for His glory!