Last night, we had the privilege of sitting on the edge of Lake Ontario to watch the sunset.

I was sitting on the rocks with our five-year old, Jacob, and as we were staring at the water and out toward the horizon, he asked, “Mom, does the sun know how to breathe under water?”

For the next few minutes, I explained, in the way that I thought he would understand, how it just looks like the sun is going down into the water. Actually, it is really, really far away in the sky. I continued, using hand and arm gestures, to explain how the earth is round and turns and goes around the sun – how one part of the world sees the sun while the other side doesn’t, etc.

After my well-developed, child-friendly explanation, he sat silent for a few minutes. (I was sure he was soaking in all of the incredible, new information I had just given him.)

After his time of contemplation, he thoughtfully replied, “Well, I just hope it knows how to breath under water!”

(Psalm 127:3a) Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift?

Your turn to share: What inspiring, thought-provoking statements have you heard from a child lately?