My mom always said, “Anticipation is almost better than the event itself!”. Well, if you saw our children (and, admittedly, even Max and me) during these last few days, you would probably agree with that statement.

We are all really looking forward to this week of family vacation. It was promised to our children that our computers would be closed for the next 5 days. (I can’t believe how hard it was to promise that! Whether it is Facebook, emails, or even our family calendar, the computer has become such a part of our daily lives.) It will be good to “pull the plug” together for a few days.

Our plans do not include any extra-special trips or expensive excursions, but, nonetheless, we are all excited to just hang out and spend some relaxing time together. So… we will probably find out who the latest Jr. Scrabble winner is in the home and/or compete for the title of “McGinnis Wii Champion”. Most likely, we will continue our experience of watching the Olympic games. We are looking forward to painting a few rooms together, having quiet reading times, and maybe taking a family bike ride or two. We hope to cook a few s’mores over the campfire and maybe sleep in the tent out in the backyard.

Thank you, Lord, for family vacation!

Genesis 2:2 (NIV) By the seventh day God had finished the work he had been doing; so on the seventh day he rested from all his work.

Your turn to share: Tell us about your latest family vacation.