Yep… that’s what I was doing while attending church yesterday.

(Just to give you a little background: This past weekend, my daughter and I were out of town for a special reception. We were not flying home until Sunday afternoon, so we were able to go to church with a group of friends in the morning.)

Okay, back to the story…

It came to the part of the service where we, as a congregation, read the section of Scripture that the pastor was going to be preaching on later in the hour. I realized that one of my Spanish-speaking friends, whom we were sitting with, was not able to follow along because it was an English-speaking service. Since I had my parallel, bilingual Bible (one side of each page is in Spanish and the other side of each page is in English) with me, I decided to hand it to him to use and read from. My friend is not a Christian (YET!) so I wanted to be sure that he had the opportunity to, at the very least, read the word of the Lord.

And that’s when the debate began.

All of a sudden, I felt God asking me to give my Bible to my friend as a gift. God wanted me to just hand over my very special, very personal Bible to him. Obviously God did not realize this particular Bible was the one that held so many memories. This was the one that I bought the year before we moved to Chile so that I could do two things at once: learn Spanish and read His Word at the same time. This was the Bible that was by my side through every moment of my life in Chile. This was the Bible that gave me such peace in those difficult moments of learning a new language – of sitting in the many Spanish-speaking services and allowing me to, at the very least, understand the passage of Scripture which was being preached about because I could read it in English. This was the Bible that was used during church services time and time again by those Chilean friends that did not have a Bible of their own. I can still see their faces and picture their precious hands holding onto it.

This was the Bible that had so many of my notes from past sermons… so many memories.

Sitting there in the church pew, the whole debate was really throwing me for a loop because, as some of you may know, I am not a very sentimental person when it comes to things. I am not one that is emotionally attached to many personal items.

And that’s when I knew I was being ridiculous. God graciously, yet strongly, convicted me right there in that pew by whispering to me, “It’s not the Bible, Kristin, that has been with you and given you all those memories and opportunities – it has been ME. Share my words.”

That is all I needed to hear. No longer was it the precious, leather-bound, parallel Bible full of memories. Instantly, it became so much more – it became the necessary food that my friend so desperately needs in his life. At that point, I turned to him and whispered, “I want to give you this Bible, (friend). Please use it and read it.”

I am praying for my friend and am so glad I had the privilege of giving him God’s Word. May it penetrate every part of him. May his heart be softened, and may he realize the true Joy that he can possess in his life.

Psalm 119:105 (NIV) Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

Your turn to share: Please tell us about the latest time you have had an opportunity to share God’s word with someone – maybe it was sharing a specific verse or even a life application. (When sharing your story, please just use “friend” instead of a specific name(s). Thanks.)