Isaac was thumbing through his book, waiting patiently for his reading time to start as I finished up some math problems with Felicia. All of a sudden, he burst out, “Mom! Come here!  Look at this! This is so cool!”

I walked over and sat down next to him on the couch.  “Look, Mom, this is really cool.  This page tells you the name of each chapter and what page it starts on!  So… all you have to do is look at the name of whatever chapter you want to read and then you can go right to that page!  Isn’t that cool?”



armed forcesAs I was reading this morning in second Thessalonians, I felt led to pray this benediction for my younger sister, Tricia, who is a single mom (of two precious princesses) right now while her husband is serving overseas:

May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope, encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.   —2 Thessalonians 2:16,17 (NIV)   


Four weeks ago:

addison school

Three weeks ago:

isaac school 

Two weeks ago:

 Felicia school

 Up until this point, my children have always been homeschooled (except for a period of 2 months when they attended a Chilean school).  The original plan was to go back to homeschooling the three older children until this coming June and have Jacob attend pre-school three afternoons per week.  We thought it might have been too difficult of a transition to put the older children in public schools, especially while still adjusting to living back in the States.  However, it seems that during these last few years, our children have learned the art of quickly adapting to new situations. (more…)

on vacationAll the schools in this area are on winter break this week.  Because of that, my children are enjoying slower mornings, carefree days, and special activities.  So, between soccer practices, sleepovers, play times with friends, gymnastics camp, dinner dates with other families, and library visits, we have had the opportunity to spend time with friends, get to know new people, and even learn the streets of our new city. (more…)

(WARNING: Proud Mother Moment)

They came home from another soccer practice and, after taking off coats and washing hands, we headed right to the table to eat dinner.  We bowed our heads for prayer, and Max blessed the food, thanked the Lord for all He has given, and then ended his prayer, saying, “…and we thank you that Addison is now a Jr. Rhino!  Amen.”  We all opened our eyes, started clapping, and enjoyed his accomplishment together as a family.


CCcookiesFor the past two years, we have not had the opportunity to bite into a soft, delicious, homemade chocolate chip cookie made using the recipe that has been passed down in my family – at least they never tasted the way they used to.  Sure, we attempted many times, and, thinking that it was because of the shortening, we even had friends send down some Crisco or pack some in their luggage when they came to visit… but to no avail.  The cookies just did not come out the same as when we made them here. (more…)

One of the things that excites us about living in this parsonage is the fact that there is a fireplace for us to use and enjoy.  Last week, chimney sweepers came and cleaned out the chimney.  (In fact, they provided great entertainment between the use of the chimney vaccuum cleaner and the infamous chimney brush – “Hey, mom, that looks just like from the movie, Mary Poppins!”  We asked the guys if they would sing the song made famous by Dick Van Dyke but they said that would cost us extra:-)

Then, last night, Max brought home a grate, screen, and wood to have our first fire!  Everyone helped with scrunching up newspaper, gathering sticks from the pile in the garage, and taking things out of the boxes. 


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