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Wow!  It has been awhile, hasn’t it?  I can’t even believe how quickly the time has gone!  Since my last entry, we have changed seasons three times – plants have budded, blossomed, and withered.  Spring brought fresh air and cool nights; summer was full of carefree days of swimming, sports, and travel; autumn has brought fabulous color and daily routine to life.

For us as a family, this autumn brought a new ‘season’ of life.  All four of my children are now in school all day.  What a change that has brought to this home and to me, personally!  Gone are the days of having to attempt to get household chores and projects done while changing diapers, reading A-B-C books, taking morning walks, preparing lunches, getting home in time for afternoon naps, etc.  But then again, maybe not… (more…)


snowstormThe long, cold, dark, snowy, gray, and blustery month of January in Western New York – it is tough for me not to have even just a little bit of the wintertime blues during this time of the year.  I just can’t seem to get warm, and I shiver at the thought of having to head outside, even to grab the mail from the mailbox.

Because of these conditions, I am especially thankful, then, for the mysterious warming of my heart as I read God’s Word.  His words keep me from depression, from anxiousness, and from self-pity.  Each time I sit to read, He fills me once again with the daily bread I need.

As I finish the Christmas carol devotional book I have been using (okay, okay, so it has been a month since Christmas, but the words of the carols have been wonderful to continue reading even after the “season” of celebration), some of the words within this poem/hymn struck me profoundly as I read them this morning:

How lovely shines the Morning Star!

Thou mine, I Thine

Keep me kindly in Thy favor, O my Savior!

Thou  wilt cheer me; Thy Word calls me to draw near Thee.

(How Lovely Shines the Morning Star!, Philipp Nicolai, 1597)

There is always hope and joy that is found when we rest in Jesus!  Thank you, Lord, for carrying me through the dark, dreary days.

Life itself was in him, and this life gives light to everyone.  The light shines through the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.  –John 1:4,5 (TLB)

Thank you so much for all your comments and prayers for us as we presented at the retreat last weekend.  We had a good time meeting new friends as well as catching up a bit with long-time friends.  I am still praying that each one of us continues to wrestle with this concept of simplicity; I think it is a daily decision to live that lifestyle, don’t you?

accountabilityIt is already the beginning of another month – can you believe it??  That means it is accountability time for me with regard to Scripture memorization. I want to confess that I was not able to memorize both passages that I had listed on the Memorizing Scripture page.