I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, great aunt, friend, neighbor, musician, teacher, pastor’s wife, missionary, writer, baker,…and most importantly, child of God.

Since being married to my best friend and husband of  15 years, we have lived in 11 different apartments/houses, including 2 in the South American country of Chile, where we lived in Santiago, the capital city.



The purpose of this site is to share my thoughts and ideas with other women as I journey along life’s pathway. There is an opportunity to learn every moment of every day. Oftentimes my children will ask, “Why do I have to go to school?” My response is always, “To learn more about God’s world.”

So, my friend, I invite you to appreciate God’s world with me – the big and the little. Let’s learn together, and let’s journey together. I want this to be an open forum of discussion so that we can listen to each other and learn from each other. My entries will come in many different forms such as short stories, poems, song lyrics, Bible verses, etc. Some will be light-hearted; some will be more thought-provoking. I’m looking forward to reading your comments and responses to things that I share with you.

Each day brings blessings to enjoy, challenges to face, and issues to ponder. May we never grow comfortable of where we’re at in this world because this place is not our home. Let’s spur one another on to do the work the Lord has asked us to do – always and only for His glory.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

Welcome, my friend!


9 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. Great idea, Kristin. I am looking forward to seeing how this develops…

  2. Priscilla Varland Says:

    Kristin – What a great idea! I’m in. Blessings to you and Max and the kids! Great way to keep a visual reminder of prayer needs.

  3. Rindy Says:

    Welcome to blogging!! It is awesome and I am thoroughly enjoying what you have written so far!! I love your questions at the ends of your posts. I think I’ll head back to comment and answer a few now…

  4. Tammy Menzie Says:

    Querida Kristina,
    What a great website. I just decided to check it out because when my husband and I first discovered Northgate, your husband was the main preacher and shortly after, you left the church to prepare for your Chilean adventure. We have 6 kids and I am a Spanish teacher at Holley High. I think it is amazing what you are doing. You are all blessed and learning Spanish. I love to watch and listen to native speakers and maybe someday will visit Chile myself. I will check your website from time to time. Es muy interesante. Gracias y buena suerte.

  5. Lisa Says:

    Hi Kristin!

    This is so cool what you have put together! I am impressed! I like your reflection on bonding through baking! I remember fondly the times of cookie decorating with my kids and their school mates in France (when my kids were still little!) Anyways, I love to read about your life in Chile! You are a blessing to many already!

  6. Liss Says:

    Hi Kristin!
    I recently started blogging too… fun and a great way to keep in contact with others. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and feelings and being able to respond to them. Love ya lots!
    We miss you guys…Malory talks about Felicia often. Give her a big hug for us and tell her it was from Malory.

  7. Jean H. Says:

    Hi Kris,
    This is my first blog. Not very good at it. I’m praying for my son. More about that later.
    Keep in touch. Jean

  8. Hola
    Querida Kristin y Max

    Lorena y Yo, les extrañamos mucho, mis hijos extrañan a tus hijos, la amistad que Dios permitio entre nosotros ocupo un espacio grande, si ustedes no estan hay un espacio grande por llenar, esperamos para verlos en junio y poder abrazarlos, ustedes son especiales para nosotros, enviamos saludos para todos ustedes, un beso un abrazo, cariños para los niños y a los padres de Max enviamos saludos y muchas bendiciones, a Marc y Wendy que Dios les siga bendciiendo ellos tienen un hermoso corazon para nuestra Iglesia, a Randy es un gran amigo y esperamos noticias de el, sabemos que el es muy ocupado, pero es un pastor que ama la iglesia de Cristo, enviamos saludos atraves de esta pagina a todo el equipo de Albion, que estuvo para Febrero de 2007, bueno Kristin tu eres una gran amiga y Max un gran amigo, queremos cada dia acercarnos a ustedes, para mantener nustra amistad, se que estan muy ocupados y hay mucho por hacer, pero queremos aprender de ustedes, son un gran ejemplo para nosotros.

    estemos en contacto..

    3 Juan 2-3

    …amados deceamos que sean prosperados..

    Pres. Eduardo y Lorena Pizarro

  9. rhosie Says:

    hi…this is wonderful blog site… thanks for sharing your insights with your post…

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