by Kay (Stotts) Godoy

FM Missionary
Santiago, Chile

Superintendent Sergio [leader of the FM Church in Chile] just told me of a lovely moment in Talcahuano recently, while he was headed to deliver food and water supplies to our pastors in that most distraught of areas.  Along the road, Superintendent Sergio and his team noticed an elderly man seated on the curb of the sidewalk, head hung in despair and hopelessness.  A teen on the truck called out, “Sir! Please come over here!”  The gentleman slowly lifted his head with a blank stare. No reaction.  The teen shouted again, “Sir! Please come!”  The man slowly rose to his feet and hesitantly walked in silence toward the vehicle. The teen handed him a large grocery bag and said, “Here, this is for you!”  The elderly man peeked into the bag stuffed with food and water and a huge smile came across his face. “Margarita!,” he called loudly.  “GOD sent us food!  We have food!”  From the old, now mostly-destroyed, house appeared his wife.  As she took in what was happening, she joyously made motions of great thanks and gratitude. The team continued on their way to a part of the city called Centinela Hill, where a church is being planted.  Bet the team will be back to visit that dear couple and make sure they´ve had a chance to know the Bread of Life and Living Water.

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